News from the Qlik Ecosystem

The Imperative For Change

The ingredients of competitive advantage and differentiation tend to evolve over time. Throughout history they have included access to capital, raw materials, labor; they have been based on economies of scale and economies of scope. At IDC, it is our contention that the new basis for differentiation will be economies of intelligence. The next decade will see a battle for the future of intelligence that we define as an organization’s capacity to learn, combined with its ability to synthesize information in order to learn and to deliver resulting insights at scale.

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Launching 2020 With a Vision of Sustainability Through Data and Analytics

Everything we do within our Qlik Corporate Responsibility program is designed to establish immediate impact and value with partners derived from the use of data and analytics. We also look to set those partners on track for success for years to come. This has been — and always will be — the simple purpose that defines our goals as we now focus our vision on 2020 and beyond.

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If You Want to Beat the Competition, Ask More Interesting Questions

Over the past few months, as I have spoken with Qlik
customers, I have been amazed by the clever solutions that have been proposed
to sticky business problems. I have seen an app that steers trucks away from
inclement weather and another that identifies pre-diabetic patients to trigger
alternative care management. These apps deliver profound value to the
organizations that developed them, and, usually, they dramatically drive down

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Don’t Take My Data Warehouse Advice, Take Snowflake’s

I’ve been involved with data warehousing in one way or another for over 15 years, and, in that time, earned a reputation for knowing a bit about the subject. I hesitate to call myself an “expert,” but folks often seek out my thoughts on data warehousing. I’m always happy to oblige. That being said, the most rewarding experience is when I read other expert advice from around the industry.

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The Qlik Sense November 2019 Release

With last release of the year Qlik are happy to deliver several product enhancements that will set the stage for a successful new year ahead and close out on a host of exciting enhancements throughout 2019.

The Qlik Sense November 2019 release introduces expanded cloud connectivity, SOC 2 Type 2 certification, new visualization capabilities, mobile offline support for Android, reporting improvements and more.

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The Hole Story and Bias in AI

AI and its enabled tools continue to enthrall business with its promise of efficiency and innovation. But, one of the things AI is also clearly enabling is the bias. We’ve all read the news and heard the scaremongering stories around potential flaws and biases in Artificial Intelligence systems. I believe for this technology to reach its full potential, addressing bias will need to be a top priority. In this blog post, I would like to talk about one of the major reasons for having bias in AI and share the “hole story” with a lesson learned from World War II.

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